piracetam  improves memory piracetam  protection in brain injury
piracetam  therapy in Alzheimer's piracetam  in alcohol withdrawal
piracetam  treatment of migraine piracetam  in children with dyslexia
piracetam  improvement in Stroke piracetam  effects on schizophrenia
piracetam  and Alzheimer's  piracetam  protects against brain edema
piracetam  is effective in vertigo piracetam  use in severe brain injury
piracetam  and concussion piracetam  improved mental performance
piracetam  in cerebral palsy piracetam  treatment of Raynaud's
piracetam  effect on alcoholics piracetam  and reduction of myoclonus
piracetam  in students with dyslexia piracetam  protective effect during child birth
piracetam  use in heart disease piracetam  is recommended in Parkinson's

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  piracetam  Alzheimer's study
  piracetam  controlled study with dementia syndrome
  piracetam  induced EEG changes in Alzheimer's
  piracetam  effect on cerebral metabolism in Alzheimer's
  piracetam  reverses hippocampal changes in Alzheimer's
  piracetam  use in Alzheimer's
  piracetam  therapy in Alzheimer's
  piracetam  effect on alcoholics
  piracetam  alcoholic treatment
  piracetam  efficacy in chronic alcoholics
  piracetam  in acute alcohol withdrawal
       Brain injury
  piracetam  use in severe brain injury
  piracetam  effect on consciousness due to head injury
  piracetam  protection in brain injury
  piracetam  and concussion
       Circulatory disorders
  piracetam  effect on brain circulation failure
  piracetam  effectiveness in cerebral arteriosclerosis
  piracetam  and chronic cerebrovascular disorders
  piracetam  treatment of sudden deafness
  piracetam  use in sudden deafness
  piracetam  sudden hearing loss treatment
  piracetam  in tinnitus and sudden deafness
  piracetam  verbal effect in dyslexic boys
  piracetam  efficacy in dyslexic reading and writing disorders
  piracetam  improves reading in dyslexia
  piracetam  learning aid in dyslexia
  piracetam  effects on developmental dyslexia
  piracetam  in students with dyslexia
  piracetam  in children with dyslexia
       Heart Disease
  piracetam  in ischemic heart disease
  piracetam  effects on arterial hypertension
  piracetam  effect on elderly coronary heart disease
  piracetam  in chronic ischemic heart disease
  piracetam  in myocardial infarct patients
       Mental Function
  piracetam  in patients with mental decline
  piracetam  effects on cognitive functions
  piracetam  efficacy in cognitive impairment
  piracetam  in cerebral impairment
  piracetam  study age-related memory disorders
  piracetam  a trial on memory impairment
  piracetam  interaction in the motor cortex
  piracetam  effects on human EEG
  piracetam  and EEG of boys with learning disorders
  piracetam  effect on adolescent brain function
  piracetam  in elderly cerebral impairment
  piracetam   changes brain function
  piracetam  effects on brain functions
  piracetam  improves blood flow of post-stroke patients
  piracetam  in secondary stroke prophylaxis
  piracetam  treatment of acute and chronic aphasia
  piracetam  in the treatment of acute stroke
  piracetam  evaluation in acute stroke
  piracetam  in stroke-unduced Aphasia
  piracetam  treatment in ischemic stroke
  piracetam  treatment of patients with an ischemic stroke
  piracetam  acute stroke study
  piracetam  effect on post-stroke recovery
  piracetam  adjuvant to language therapy for aphasia
  piracetam  effect on cerebral infarction in stroke patients
  piracetam  is effective in vertigo
  piracetam  treatment for vertigo
  piracetam  effect in 55 vertigo patients
  piracetam  subjective improvement in vertigo
  piracetam  significantly reduced vertigo symptoms
       Child birth
  piracetam  in parturients and newborn infants
  piracetam  reduced duration of labor
  piracetam  protective effect during delivery
  piracetam  concentrations during delivery
  piracetam  promising results in myoclonus epilepsy
  piracetam  long-term efficacy in myoclonus epilepsy
  piracetam  beneficial use for severe myoclonus epilepsy
  piracetam  and progressive myoclonus epilepsy
  piracetam  in patients with myoclonus
  piracetam  relieves symptoms in progressive myoclonus epilepsy
  piracetam  in cortical myoclonus
  piracetam  beneficial effect on post-ischaemic myoclonus
  piracetam  treatment of Raynaud's
  piracetam  evidence for its anti-platelet effect in Raynaud's
  piracetam  platelet anti-aggregant properties
       Sickle cell disease
  piracetam  treatment of children with sickle cell disease
  piracetam  improves sickle cell deformability
  piracetam  crises management of sickle cell disease
piracetam  efficacy in breath-holding spells
piracetam  mechanism of action
piracetam  elevates cholinergic receptor density  
piracetam  cholinergic receptor function in mice
piracetam  effect on cerebral glucose utilization
piracetam  improved driving in elderly motorists
piracetam  and nootropics
piracetam  auxiliary treatment of cerebral palsy
piracetam  unique mode of action
piracetam  psychological and pharmacological treatment
piracetam  improves cholinergic system efficiency
piracetam  and vigilance
piracetam  versus acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
piracetam  therapy in recurrent duodenal ulcer
piracetam  efficacy in recurrence of duodenal ulcer
piracetam  treatment of soft tissue rheumatism 
piracetam  effect on intellectually deficient children
piracetam  effect on neuroleptic-induced side effects
piracetam  improved school-performance in legasthenia
piracetam  effect on consciousness after neurosurgery
piracetam   compared to oxiracetam
oxiracetam  use in dementia
oxiracetam  therapeutic effects
oxiracetam  and Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS)
aniracetam  its therapeutic potential in senile cognitive disorders
aniracetam  increases dopamine and serotonin release
pramiracetam  in males with cognitive problems from head injury